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Cosmic Smash Booking - guided art journal page

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosmic Smash Booking!

Cosmic Smash Booking® is a no-rules, can’t-get-it-wrong, guided art-journaling process that helps ignite your creativity and self-discovery. I recently completed training to become a certified Cosmic Smash Booking Guide and I am so excited to share this process with you.

So what exactly is Cosmic Smash Booking? It’s easy, inexpensive and fun. No prior artistic experience needed! It’s a playful way to explore your creativity and get to know yourself better. I’m always a little bit wonderstruck at the pages I create and the insights that come up for me while doing this process. Here’s a page I call Love Note From The Universe.

Cosmic Smash Booking Page - featuring words cut out of magazines - Love Note From The Universe

Cosmic Smash Booking and Intentional Creativity

My teacher Catt Z created Cosmic Smash Booking®. Catt is a visionary, artist and all-around amazing lady who learned Intentional Creativity from her teacher Shiloh Sofia, who learned from her teacher Sue Hoya Sellers. The roots of Intentional Creativity run deep. I am honored to be a new branch sprouting in this lineage.

Intentional Creativity is to make with love, mindfulness and intention.

One of the intentions of Cosmic Smash Booking is to crush perfectionism. Are you ever hesitant to try to learn something new because you don’t know how to do it already … or you think you won’t be “good” at it?

That’s perfectionism! Let’s CRUSH it!

A Cosmic Smash Book starts out as an inexpensive school composition notebook. There’s a process and “rules” to follow. (Rule #1 = There are no rules!)

But before you make any marks in it, you crumple up all of the pages.

That’s right! Crinkle, crumple, smash them up. We crush perfectionism right from the start. This simple act frees you up to experiment, make mistakes and have fun. I’m not perfect. Neither is my art. That’s OK. I’m going to live my life and make my art anyway. I invite you to do the same.

I could write so much more about Cosmic Smash Booking … and I will! This has become part of my daily(ish) creative practice and I intend to incorporate it into the Create A Home You Love blog.

Cosmic Smash Book - guided art-journaling - page with lighthouse, cruise ship and rocks

Want to learn how to Smash Book?

I would love to teach you!

If you live near Fairfax County, Virginia, I invite you to my in-person classes that I’m teaching at the Pohick Library in Burke. The classes are free and all materials will be provided.

Here’s a link with dates and registration information.

I am also developing online classes to share this process with the world. If you are interested, please subscribe to this blog. I’ll announce the online classes here first when they are ready.

Follow my adventures! New stories every week-ish.

And here’s another Love Note From The Universe.

Mixed media art journaling - painting of river with red flowers growing on shore - words cut out of magazines

Anything’s possible when creativity is in your DNA

Experiences LIKE NO OTHER

Arts Alive — Thriving — Bringing people together

I hope you will join me on this journey.